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N&S Syndication & Licensing

Welcome to Northern and Shell Syndication and Licensing


N&S Syndication and Licensing are the exclusive rights holder and rights management representative of Northern and Shell publications and Express Newspapers produced content. We control the copyright to all staff produced and commissioned content from both print and online versions of the above publications.


Our collection includes pictures, text, interviews, video, games, cartoons, headlines. We have an archive dating back to 1900 as well as current daily produced content.


Our images are available on IDS and/or through the searchable database contained in this site (please email to be set up with a login). They range through celebrity, music, fashion, politics and daily news, studio, glamour and features.


Our Freelance contributors – we have a growing stable of freelance photographers and writers which contribute content that is made available on a daily basis. We also welcome enquiries from freelance photographers in all territories who are interested in representation and actively seek those with quality work in all areas.


Our photography commission services – we work with a large base of photographers and would be more than happy to find one to fit your requirements.


Our content Licensing – we currently work with a number or licensing agencies and content aggregators with the licensing of content from all our publications. We welcome interest in this respect and are actively seeking to sign up more in all territories  (


Our newspaper archives – we have a very large online database at featuring 100 years of text searchable PDF’s.


Our brand licensing/association - we are happy to assist in promotion by brand association and the license of 'As seen in....' on request.

Our publication brand licensing - any enquiries as to title licensing including OK! MAGAZINE  please contact  in the London office


Our print services – please enquire we do our best to issue original prints from our archive for personal use or gifts for a standard fee.

Follow us on Twitter @NSSyndication and on Facebook N&S Syndication and Licensing 

Over 615185 clips to choose from


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Our Rights Management policy for content commissions, contributions and user generated content (together the "Contribution") in terms of Syndication and Licensing:

The following terms relate to all publications and products made available by us or licensed by us anywhere in the world whether for free or on a charged for basis: all formats and editions (including but not limited to print, electronic, audio, audio-visual and digital products. Unless otherwise agreed, by submitting your Contribution:

You hereby:

1. Grant us the exclusive right to syndicate your Contribution.

2. Grant us the non-exclusive right to use, store, publish or transmit the Contribution in internal archives and databases and external archives and databases.

3. Grant us the non-exclusive right to authorise the NLA Media Access Limited and similar reprographic rights organisations ("RROs") in other jurisdictions to distribute or license the distribution of the Commission/Contribution throughout the world for "RROs" licensed acts and purposes as amended from time to time.
4. Warrant that your Contribution is not obscene, offensive or defamatory of any person and does not infringe any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright, or other intellectual or proprietary or privacy right of any party or individual.

5. Warrant to indemnify us and at all times keep us fully indemnified from and against all actions proceedings claims demands costs awards and damages however arising directly or indirectly as a result of breach or non-performance of any of your warranties or obligations under this Agreement.

For the avoidance of doubt, the copyright status of your Contribution shall be governed by the terms upon which you agreed to supply the Contribution to us. For instance, where we have commissioned the Contribution and you have assigned the copyright to us or you are an employee of Express Newspapers/Northern & Shell Plc, the copyright shall vest in us.

We accept that these standard terms in respect of syndication of your Contribution may sometimes potentially conflict with any prior arrangements you might have made. In order to avoid any such conflict, prior to any syndication of your Contribution, any necessary variation of these terms shall be agreed beforehand with the syndication department.